Nike Junk Dunk Shoes Are Sharp

Nike Junk Dunk Shoes

Can you make a pair of eyeball-popping shoes with a load of scrap from your backyard? Yes, says Gabriel Dishaw, for the ‘Nike’ Junk Dunk is the perfect example of what a few lazy afternoons and truckloads of creativity can do to you. The designer here has put in all that he has got and come out with a winner. Although we are a bit skeptical about the practicality of this design, especially considering you will have metal junk scraping at your foot, we are hoping there is enough ‘safe’ room inside these shoes to snuggle your feet into them. Gabriel perhaps has thought of it already, considering the fact that he is planning to market them too.

For people looking to go beyond the mundane and wear some avant-garde fashion, these shoes will offer the perfect gratification. We guarantee you not just attention but also exclusivity, since there wouldn’t be a lot of people wearing them around. The best part about these metal shoes is the fact that they weigh just 3 pounds. Clearly all that junk has been optimized for anti-gravity effect!

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