Razer’s Tarantula Gaming Keyboard is to Make a Gamer into a Killer

Being one of the most venomous spiders, the hairy tarantula has always been a nightmare for many people but now, it’s starting to become the dream for hardcore gamers as Razer presents the ultimate gaming keyboard “Tarantula” which is ready to kill its competitors with its poisonous technology.

In the gaming world, Razer started the trend to use high-tech gaming equipments starting from the late 90’s as it first introduced the “Boomslang” which was a 2000 DPI Gaming mouse and from then, there has been no looking back and now with the help of the most advanced technology, Razer made Tarantula with killer technologies like the anti-ghosting capability which can make us press up to an lightning fast 10 buttons at one go that too without having the “ghosting effect” ( in a normal keyboard, there will be signal failure if you try to press 3-4 keys at one go). It has an astounding 32KB onboard memory which can store up to 5 onboard profiles for different games helping you retain your game level features and proper profile, even while playing from a different LAN.

By having a key top that is eight times responsive then a normal computer keyboard, this keyboard is the only one to have 1000Hz of ultra polling which reduces the delay between the keystrokes and the key’s reaction from 125Hz/8ms to 1ms. With Head phones out jacks, microphone in jacks, 2 USB ports and a gold plated USB conductor, What more does a gamer needs, accept for a system requirement of Windows 2000/ XP/ X64/ MCE 2005 / Windows vista.

With this killer keyboard, gaming will be transformed into another level to make the gamer the best and it’s available with a price tag of $99.99.