Ice Imitating Whiskey Stones to Keep Your Drinks Cool

whisky stones

When it comes to alcohol, the worst thing that can happen to you is ending up with a not so cold or lukewarm drink, isn’t that a complete turn off? Yeah, adding ice does make it cool, but it also makes your drink dilute…what is the point of having a drink when you end up drinking water, eh? When it comes to making that perfect drink and keep it cool these Whiskey stones do the trick.

whiskey stones 2

These Whiskey stones are ice imitators which keep your drinks cool. You just have to freeze them for a few hours before using them and they can be reused repeatedly since they do not melt. A few Soapstone workers in Perkinsville thought of this solution for cooling and not diluting the malt, so here it is. You can buy them for only $19.99.

For other cool designs for such use, the Lego Ice Cubes and Pi Symbol Cubes make for geeky solutions or the Space Invaders Ice Cube Tray for the retro gamers.