Machine Age Project for a New Age

If you are looking for designer machines, then why not go for Jeffrey Stephenson’s machine age design, for this interesting design is bound to stuck your head and create an impression. The machine age design puts particular emphasis on practicality and efficiency that is achieved through principles of machine age that is clean, lean and devoid of ornamentation.

Defined by its blending of streamlined forms and use of industrial materials like chrome and plastic, machine age design serves as foundation for Art Deco movement such as the Art Deco Computer Keyboard.

The machine age project’s inspiration came from a 1930’s radio design, the radio being Silvertone 6110 that was made by Sears and Roebuck. The backside of Silvertone is made of Bakelite, which is a sort of primitive plastic. It uses sawdust as filler and has a tendency to be very brittle. It’s best feature is its glossy finish. The radio comes in 40 GB 3.5” hard drive with Micro-cool Northbridge and Southbridge heatstinks. It is made up of Delta 92mm FFB series case fan and dual green 4” CCFL units.

Coming over to machine age design, its function and form are united in a common dialogue. Beauty comes from within. The art of machine age describes the composition, rhythm, balance and symmetry as inherent properties of functions served.

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