Space Invaders disguised as Lamp Shades!

There is something about these green beings that gives you a scare while playing the game of Space Invaders. You really do feel like shooting at them continuously, the way they invade your screen, well, that is the point of the game. And I know a lot of people who like such games, in which the player has minimalistic input but has maximum fun. Most such games are fixed shooter games and space invaders is also one of them. So if you are a fan, then you would also like these Space Invaders invading your rooms as lamp shades.

The Space Invaders disguised as Lamp Shades are ready to invade your house for the price of $70 as ceiling lamps or table lamps. You can use them to color code with your geeky green room, and better yet, these hand crafted lamps are made of wire and fabric. Take a closer look at the space invaders on the lamp shade sides…

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