These Speakers are Here to Spread Your Voice

Bored of your old computer speaker and thinking of buying some thing cool and unique which will suit your tastes then these Speakers will serve your purpose both the way. It’s obvious that with a witty and stylish design, this is the perfect towards which modern and geeky generation to be attracted.

A normal speaker is a device which converts the electrical impulses and generates the required sound but this MP3 speakers shaped to speak of you, to spread your thoughts when someone is speaking in a public area or singing during some occasions and keeping these two in mind, Designer Sherwood Forlee has really created an exquisite and unique, one of a kind design which says everything in itself.

I really salute Sherwood for designing this as it encourages us by showing that its not necessary to always listen to people but even stand and speak up for ourselves against something wrong and injustice.

I am in love with the shape concept of this speaker and if even you are impressed with this creation then it’s available with a price of $120. A set includes a pair of left and right speaker along with a power adapter. Its dimensions are H 4″ X W 6″ X L 2″ per speaker so won’t take up much space and you can connect it to your pc, laptop etc. So go ahead and speak up for your self  or even you can hear your MP3 songs. But as the quantities are limited, you are requested to book the device immediately via mail.

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