Star Wars R2D2 Mr. Potato Head: A New Starchy Droid in the Star Wars Universe

Artoo Potatoo Mr. Potato Head(1)

Here comes the new droid from the Star Wars universe, made out of vegetables as always, and he is a starchy little robotics from the universe of Star Wars and the house of Playskool – Star wars Legacy Artoo-Potatoo Mr. Potato Head.

Artoo Potatoo Mr. Potato Head(2)

Is it Mr. Potato Head, or is it R2-D2? Actually, it is both with lots of mix and match parts. Playskool’s new Star Wars Artoo-Potatoo Mr. Potato Head comes with a mini Princess Leia Tater figure along with lot of potato parts. This starchy little Leia potato head spud is an amazing holographic creation of Playskool that every kid would love to have. Also, with so many extra parts included with the spud, your kid will have real fun creating wacky faces. Star Wars Legacy Artoo Potatoo Mr. Potato Head can be your child’s all time best companion.

Artoo Potatoo Mr. Potato Head(3)

With Playskool Star Wars Artoo Potatoo Mr. Potato Head, your kid will have lot of fun mixing and matching with its different parts and giving a wacky look to the little starchy spud. With so much of mixing and matching Star Wars Artoo Potatoo Mr. Potato Head is surely to make a great companion and bring out the maximum fun out of your child for only $13.

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