Logitech Cordless Number Pad

What more can an accounting students or internal auditor like some one whose daily job is related to numbers need, when they will be having their smart, fast, easy and stylish Logitech Cordless Number Pad with them!

This number pad is best for the geek who have to be on tours on maximum or have to cover a long distance every day so in the way only would be able to finish all your pending works, so all you need is a notebook and this unique cordless number pad saving your time and appreciation of teacher’s or boss’s.

Now you will ask that what is so special about this number pad and your answer is this one allows very simple and effortless as well as efficient data entry by just using one-touch for instant access to excel, calculator and even the browsing web all thanks to its instant application keys. You only have to plug in the micro-receiver to finish your work because it works without the installation of any software and on almost all the operating systems like windows 2000, XP, Vista.

Enjoy your freedom with this 2.4 GHz cordless and have a seamless operation which makes your storage and transport easy, your micro-receiver snaps in to the number pad. It’s not only nerdy but stylish too as it comes with an attractive design and black color making your number pad give a style statement.

Its battery life is more then six months allowing it to live 4.5 times more then an average butterfly and when its power indicator let you know if battery powers get low. Coming with a hardware warranty of 3 years and priced for $22.93 to make your work much easier and faster with a pinch of style in it.

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