Iapeel is Here to Give Your Phones a Glimpse of Personality [CES 2010]

It really gets boring to look at your same old black or white iPod, Nano or iPhone skin but you can’t help it because you don’t know what to do and that’s when iaPeel comes to the rescue. This is the coolest way to give a new look to your ipod, Nano or iPhone to not only make it look different but also grant a design which resembles your personality.

Use your imagination to the fullest and give your cell phone a new look and the only thing you need is an inkjet printer because iaPeel makes all the process so simple. They provide software which will give you choices to select the screen for your iPods or iPhones or you can even with a design of your own.

After you have created the design, just run it over to your inkjet printer to print it because it’s a really glossy synthetic material which sticks to your player giving it a really attractive look and it even mount perfectly. Don’t worry about changing the skin because its vinyl skin system leaves no residue as its used very hi-tech adhesive and as well as protecting it from scratches.

So, whenever a new design idea comes in mind, just let your imagination flow in without leaving any muggy objects behind and if you get stuck some where, then iaPeel is here to help you through the process. Even you can buy the readymade skin too, as the price start from $17.95 upto $20.95 based on the skin you choose.

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