G-Fi the World’s First GPS Wifi Router which Won’t Let You Miss a Turn [CES 2010]

In 21st Century its really not difficult to find any place in the world at all even if you are in a new country to visit your relatives house or any official work  and don’t know any thing other then the air port where you are standing on. Just take this new G-Fi Mobile GPS Router which is the world’s first WiFi network router which gives you the whole route of any place with just type out the proper address and the name of the city.

Perfect for classic iPhones and iPod touch as it can stream military precision GPS to any of the iPhones or iPod touch. No Internet is required to achieve a GPS signal as its WiFi enabled and even can connect up to 200 devices providing GPS signal to multiple devices and allowing it to support a pack of iPod touches or iPhones with just one G-Fi.

It is also the world’s first GPS navigation software which works in Apple iPod Touch and the 1st Gen iPhone. Because of its exquisite feature like crystal clear graphics giving powerful diagram and making easier to read maps even better then paper maps. You can also view the map in the form of either 2D or 3D which works best for you.

It will also keep you in your track while traveling in car because it provides voice-guided directions, turn by turn and if you miss a turn then it will quickly recalculate your route and inform you. Its safety cameras and speeding alerts help you and your passengers keep away from accident and speeding penalty fines. Over all this is the best GPS device and it’s only for $99 .

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