Funny President Barack Obama Avatar with Elongated Ears

Most politicians and celebrities have to bear the brunt of those who disfigure their pictures, burn effigies and other such things, which could be quite offensive. However, sometimes, these disfigured faces of celebrities and politicians can be quite comical in nature.

This time around, someone has created a funny U.S. President Barack Obama‘s avatar in which he has blue skin, and elongated ears. For once, I would be tempted to think that he resembles Batman, and at another glance, he reminds me of the devil. However, there is no clear indication as to what the avatar actually portrays President Obama to be.

It certainly is cool to look at and one really should hope that the president does not take offense to the avatar, if he ever gets to see it. You could also take a look at the Obama Talking Gadget, which would be a great gift to children. The Obama Duck Toy could be yet another gift to someone young at home, or for yourself if you are looking for some comic relief.

Via: Hard Geek