Chigra Tea Infuser: a Cute Way To Make Great Tea

Making tea is practically an art form which includes firstly getting the proportion of your ingredients right and then mixing them together properly; the Chigra from relogik promises to get the latter part done correctly and with ease.

This new age tea infuser is cute to look at and tremendously eases the task of stirring the tea. To use it one has to first fill the holed container with all the ingredients needed and then cap it with the lid that is provided; then place the infuser into your cup of hot water and gently blow.

The unique shape of the lid causes the Chigra to spin allowing the rich ingredients to properly mix with the water thus facilitating the making of that perfect cup of tea. The Chigra being simple in design and easy to use makes brewing tea fun and I wouldn’t be surprised if kids used it more that their parents.

And with tea being now seen as a great way to keep in good health the Chigra tea infuser could be seen as a fun way of developing a good habit in the future generations.

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