Na’vi Avatar Language Pocket Guide for Avatar Fans

If you are a fan of Avatar, the latest blockbuster movie, you would know that the inhabitants of the fictional moon Pandora speak a language called Na’vi. The Na’vi language was created by Paul Frommer, who is a noted linguist. The Na’vi does not resemble any spoken human language but all of the words can still be pronounced by us all.

It has more than thousand words, and is still growing. Just like the language sounds pretty unusual, there is also a Na’vi Pocket Guide in PDF format that you could use to learn the language. While I am not sure who would want to learn a fictitious language developed for a movie, if someone wanted to learn the pocket guide must surely help those who desire to learn.

Of course, if you are good at languages, you could go ahead and learn Na’vi and if you are still better at languages, you could create your own and publish a book and make loads of money! You could also take a look at the Verbarius Linguistic Clock which speaks languages that you and I can understand easily.

Via: Geekologie