The Third Snow Leopard Update is Now Being Tested By Apple-Beta

Considered to be one of the most trusted operating systems in the world, the Apple Mac’s Snow Leopard OS, started facing a lot of criticism lately. This was probably due to the huge number of faults in the operating system that make it non compatible with the various third party Mac applications, also adding to the drawbacks of this OS are the reported issues and crashes in over 90 system components. In order to overcome and iron out all these shortcomings Apple has set up a new beta for the third Snow Leopard Maintenance Update.

The 666MB download allegedly ensures that all the system incompatibilities and the issues with the system stability will surely be cleared out. The release notes accompanying  the download document reveal that there have been fixes made with respect to issues and applications like iTunes, display preferences, color-sync factors and application updating. The Mac OS X 10.6.3 will pay more attention on the Appkit, display properties and folder sync. The other factors that make this update to look forward to is the fact that there have been improvisation in the automatic spell check in the Snow leopard and fixes for crashes relating to iCal, Photo Booth, Screen Sharing and many such applications including their software updater.

The new Snow Leopard technologies allow application developers to tap the power of multi-core CPUs more easily, use GPUs for computing tasks, like crunching numbers, manipulating large data sets, and more, and would be my choice of Os for this Rolltop, the laptop you can roll up!