Buffalo’s HDD Dualie: An iPhone Dock With HDD Of 500GB

The present technology trend is pointing towards convergence, and the best example is the latest iPhone dock release from the house of Buffalo. Buffalo, a leading name in HDD has released a device that supports a two-slot iPhone dock at the front seat and a 2.5 inch portable hard drive to fit in the rear seat.

Dubbed as Buffalo HDD Dualie, the device is capable of charging your iPhone 3G S and supporting a Buffalo branded 500GB hard drive at the rear side that comes with a FireWire 800 port. This multifunctional device draws its power by a single USB 2.0 cable, which is compatible to both Mac and PC as well. Moreover the device is further equipped with two additional USB ports too at the rear side of it. The Buffalo Dualie is no doubt an interesting device allowing your iPhone to charge up, while it is synchronized with a 500GB hard drive at the rear side and connected to your computer by FireWire 800 port at the same time and both work in unison.

The Buffalo HDD Dualie is sported with two tone brushed aluminum body, which is further marked as scratch resistant and durable. Priced at $249.99, this combo gadget from Buffalo is expected to be available in Apple Store from this month. For more such multifunctional iPhone docks, check out with the NES Controller iPhone Dock Mod and the Duck Hunt NES Catridge iPhone Dock.