R2D2 Hoodies For The Fashionable Geeks

Fashion has always been an integral part of any person’s life, and it gets really complicated when it comes to geeks finding the perfect outfit for themselves, and this hoodie is something that every Star Wars geek would like to see in the wardrobe and not to mention on themselves as well.

R2d2 Hoodie1

The R2D2 hoodie by Frosti is a great representation of the classic and most recognized robot of all time. This hoodie has a great resemblance to the cool Star Wars character and quite captures all the different exterior components of the ‘bot.

R2d2 Hoodie2

For all those geeks out there who are looking for a cool hoodie that will match up to their skills and likes, this could be a real treat for them. The hoodie is made of 100% cotton and the  various fleece designs are made with felt applique.

R2d2 Hoodie3

A great design base and a creative idea is what has made this hoodie so popular that it is already out of stock. A unisex apparel, this can prove to be a perfect gift or the just needed addition to your complete geeky wardrobe.R2d2 Hoodie4

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