Perler Bead Mosaic Paintings

Even a few decades back, people used to consider only paintings and sculptures as pieces of art but as time passed by, people started creating different ideas artistically and made things with stones, sand, metals etc. showing their hidden talent and presenting an example in front of the people by their new way of creating art. Here is one such artist Joel W who has won my heart and I am sure even you will be fascinated with his creativity.

This sign maker is one full-time gig who doesn’t work only for money but for his passion too for creating mosaic with perler beads and he is one real perfectionist. Just see his work art, and I bet you won’t disagree with me. Here is one of his many killer masterpieces which have been specially made for Halloween. Just see the concept behind this mosaic, with so many ghosts in the back ground and the pumpkin glowing in the base, the main antagonist of this portrait is the person who is standing in style, with a round pumpkin type head.

Not only this one but there many more creations like my favorite antagonist ever, THE JOKER from dark knight. This killer one has really won my heart as I think that nothing would be able to express his true character except for heath ledger but in this mosaic, he has done a tremendous job.

Here is another one which resembles some one’s eyes and I assume this is the eyes of the artist himself, was his first bead mosaic which he had made using a photographic reference. Hats of to you Joel W and your creation, please keep doing these excellent art.

You can also look to Transformer acrylic art or even you can see Cute little Pacman crew as an example of little different art. But for other amazing beaded art, you should definitely check out the Mike Tyson’s Punchout Characters version.