Custom Michael Jackson Thriller Doll

What an awesome new way to take a look at Michael Jackson‘s Thriller, through the eyes of a custom doll that is too cute to be scared of.

From the sweet, weird and romantic Edward Scissorhands to the meanest and the most blood seeking toy on earth like Chucky the killer doll, Likhang piony has always portrayed every single super hero to public’s favorite movie character to perfection defining them with their different costumes and exquisite color combination making them look more cuter then they actually are in real life and now they have moved on towards music stars and who could be better than the one and only, Michael Jackson, the king of POP.

This is the newest and being a big Michael Jackson fan, THE BEST custom structure ever designed by Likhang Piony and as he started with the custom of Michael Jackson Costume set of Thriller. So now you will be able to bring the Legends at home with costume which he had wore in the song of the millennium, “Thriller”. This one is with fully sculpted hair and finely detailed all the carvings keeping every single point in mind and the best thing is that it has been painted with hand.

Keep some excitement left within you for the next two Michael Jackson pieces as they are also planning to create and scheduled to finish two more MJ pieces within 2010.

We are always in search of the new one and so you should not worry, if it’s in the market then we will make sure that you will be the first one to know about it.

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