Wooden Combination Lock is a Geeky Lock for Your Locker

Creativity has no bounds and when it is combined with the safety of our valuable things while looking aesthetically beautiful, this one is the best thing we can rely on. Here is the new wooden combination lock which is not only simple, and visually appealing but the creator, Mr. Matthias Wandel’s top priority was to show people how the lock system in a normal safes actually works.

Matthias has done a stunning job in explaining the whole lock system and encouraging the budding minds to use their own creativity and make a new lock of their own.

Like most of the real combination locks like Dudley or Master Combination lock, this one’s core lock has three rotors with one notch for each rotor. The basic idea behind a lock is that some sort of a bar which is connected with some spring drops into them, when the three notches line up and this is what allows the lock the be opened.

Rotor of the front lock is directly coupled to the dial and as all the rotors have tabs sticking out in the front and back. The front rotor’s tab hits the tab of the middle rotor when the front rotor is turned by one turn.

The same way with another clockwise turn of the dial, the middle rotor’s tab after turning sticks out of the back and then after turning in the same direction and the last rotor also catches the tab. By same manner after the rotation is reversed by turning the notches clockwise until the front most rotors is lined up with the bar. Now the lock will be able to open.

If you want, then you can also dismantle this lock and put it together again with the help of the site and know the locking system more closely.

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Via: Blog.makezine