Pacman Sand Sculpture Design


If you want to merge your love for Pacman games and a bit of innovation, you would surely love the Pacman sand sculpture, which is highly creative and completely fun.

Most of us have played on beaches, building our own sand castles and relishing our extraordinary creations! It’s now time to revisit those childhood days and take your sand sculpture to a different level with this Pacman sand sculpture, clicked by Barb and Dave and LAFM .  You can easily bring alive the Pacman characters complete with the maze, tunnels and the pac-dots that are eaten by the ghosts and Pacman.

How this an arcade game of Pacman developed by Namco reached a cult status in the US by creating a landmark in the history of video games, and found its own fan following can be glimpsed by the minute work of this Pacman sand sculpture, where the artist has taken care to depict the game and its characters, albeit on sand. So, if you want to join the league, reach a beach and start sculpting your own Pacman sand sculpture.

pacman game sand sculpture