Cubba Bubba Chairs Design Wraps Comfort in Unique Contour

For me, my furniture has to scale up on both on design and comfort. Sometimes in the wake of design, comfort gets sacrificed and the whole idea of buying furniture gets defeated. The Cubba Bubba Chairs define new boundaries for comfortable seating arrangements. It is a set of 5 chairs offering different positions to its user depending on what’s on his mind. So whether one wants to work, play or just spend some leisure time, you go to pick right one and enjoy its ergonomic design.

The name suggests that probably all the 5 pieces can be put together and disguised into one large cube but I can’t find any images to back my beliefs. Also, it isn’t one of the conceptual designs that will be biting dust for it had already made it ways to one of the world’s most vital contemporary interior design exhibitions 100% London Design and onlookers pretty much applauded the creation. The brain behind is Velichko Velikov, a London based ace designer who has other commendable creations up his sleeve.

Well, I couldn’t trace a word on whether this Cubba Bubba Chair will hit commercial production and how much would it cost. For other geeky seating furniture design, check out the Pacman Game Chair, Captain Kirk’s Chair and the Sofa and Pool Table Transforming Furniture.