Is This a Real Apple iTablet Mount?

Apple has been in the news lately for its rumored iSlate, which is also being called by other names such as iTablet, Apple iTouch, MacBook Touch, iPad and Canvas. It may allow you to see the digital versions of published content, newspapers, magazines and even access the Internet…kind of like a new ‘iPhone Tablet Computer’.

Of course, thanks to the great interface and technology, you might be able to watch videos, listen to audio and use the iSlate as a home entertainment hub. Analysts believe it might be used as a home games console even, and would be 2D instead of the popular 3D.

With the iSlate/Apple Tablet expected to have a 10 inch touchscreen, there have already been a few mounts designed for it. Now, one can’t really be sure if the purported Apple iSlate/iTablet is going to look the way it is rumored to be, and one does not even know if it is going to be of a certain size, but designers have already begun to conceptualize sleek mounts which are sleek and stylish just like the iSlate is expected to be.

One among them is this cool Aileron Tablet Mount. It comes with a visually appealing design that would surely enhance the rumoured iSlate’s look and feel. The mount for the Apple tablet is legit but this is just an image rendering which the designers have guessed on the device design. The designers have not signed any agreement with Apple whatsoever, and thus it is a dreamy concept until we find out for sure next week.

If Tablet computers are your thing, then the Microsoft Courier Tablet PC images will also be a handful, along with the HTC Android Tablet and Rolltop Laptop conceptual designs.