Matryoshka iPhone App Turned You to a Doll in Style

Being approximately 120 years old, matryoshka dolls which are also known as Russian nested doll has been turned to an important part of the traditional household for every Russian. Being an adorable and cute show pieces, these nested dolls have been a part of our shelves from a long time and now in this advance technology has helped it to be a part of our virtual world too.

If you want to also be a part of that tradition then just download the Matryoshka software from the Apple iTunes site to load in your iPhone and choose out a virtual wooden Matryoshka doll from that software. There after capture your best moments from your iPhone camera to just have to crop the photo with your fingers and put it on that wooden virtual nested doll.

You can even choose different skins for the dolls from the theme library which have been specially drawn by top classic and modern artists especially for Matryoshka. Even If you don’t want to add any photo can just keep the doll covered only with those beautiful skins. You can create as many dolls as you want to and arrange it on the virtual wooden shelves in the order you like.

As it’s a nested doll so you can create your complete family tree also from grandpa to smallest one with those dolls one by one and keep save in your phone. If you want to share your wonderful creation with some one to just send them through e-mail and you can even printed out them.

A beyond doubt spectacular software to show your creativity and to preserve your best moments in style with a price of just $1.99.

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