Have fun in your interiors with this Pacman Illusion

pacman illusion

If you like creating illusions or watching them, then you should definitely check out the Pacman Illusion recently doing its rounds on the Internet for happy retro gaming fans. Creating optical illusions is a favorite pass time of YouTube user brusspup and his latest creation includes the Pacman illusions. This is akin to the chalk drawings that have a 3-D effect. The only difference is that you need not go outside but can create these within the precincts of your own home.

pacman illusion video

Brusspup, decided to create the Pacman illusion using blue tape and had it video recorded. The most brilliant part of this creation is the usage of mirror to create the illusion, which is a novelty in the creation of such illusions and stand out as a technique that adds to the 3-D effect.

So, why not watch the video online and try the same to get the great 3-D effect of the Pacman illusion for your own interiors?

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