iPhone Like Kitchen Touchscreen Computer is Eye Candy

It must have occurred to you a couple of times that having a computer in the kitchen is a great idea, especially with innovations and increasing daily surfing habits. It would help you stay in touch with friends while cooking, to look up recipes and organize them, to have access to nutritional details and the list just goes on.

Likewise, Ryan from JUDD Studio Engineering got a similar request from his wife to install a computer in the kitchen. Being the geek he is, he just could not have a normal computer installed. Thus, he went on to create an “iPhone Like Kitchen Touchscreen Computer” which he created using a Touchscreen and a UI based on the iPhone.

The computer is certainly eye-candy, and can also be quite functional. Some of the things that it can do are Skype, play iTunes, manage a to-do list, Outlook, access to Twitter and whatever else that may come to your geeky mind. The iPhone Like Kitchen Touchscreen Computer is discrete and does not stand out in the kitchen.

Thanks to Touchscreen, Internet access and a barcode scanner, it takes care of all the needs someone who uses kitchens often may have. This sleek device is perfect for those who like to be connected while spending long hours toiling away in the kitchen! You can check out other geeky kitchen gadgets like the VHS Player Toaster, and Ice Imitating Whiskey Stones.

Via: Hacked Gadgets