Attendance Time Card Recorder With Fingerprint Verification

Attendance time card recorder is a most required device for any institution which helps to keep the track of people’s routine and sadly because of it, you can’t bunk your classes or office because you know that you will suffer if got caught even once.

To make things easy for punctual employees or students and hard for lazy ones, here is the Fingerprint verification Attendance Time Card Recorder. Its prints the time onto the cards only when the owner of the card passes fingerprint verification, making it robust and full proof, if anyone who is not enrolled in the memory of time recorder, can’t get pass through it.

Coming with a large LCD display, it’s small enough to easily fit on the company’s lunchroom wall or main entrance at anywhere it’s required. It’s really easy to setup because you will have to connect it through the AC power adaptor and to follow the manual instruction to install it including with the enrolment of all the employees or students.

Actually you don’t have to do any thing except for insert the paper time card into the punch slot and then press your finger on the scanner and the machine will print the current time on the card identifying you.

Along with excellent functionality, it’s so cost efficient that you don’t have to make an extra network link or buy some special software because this BG10 time card recorder is a plug-in worker and no one could even hack it.

With a storage capacity of 150 users and 5 administrators with 3 fingerprints max per person, this 21st century geeky device comes for $131.11 and brings a change in your institution.

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