The Emily Alarm Clock To Keep Your Every Schedule In Shape

If you are a late riser and famous for your late attendance in regular basis then this Emily Alarm clock is the best designed digital clock only for you. The idea behind of this brilliant design perfectly keeps in mind about the human nature of pass up to hear the alarm in the morning and continuing snoozing.

When you are rubbing your eyes and struggling to figure out the time, just open your eyes and straight in 180 degree angle you can see it from your pillow itself. The Emily Alarm Clock like a typical red LED alarm clock with a different design angle as its mounts sideways to the wall to your bed, so you can read it from the bed itself.

It’s designed really unique with a combination of modern and retro style of old 80’s era. It’s Looks sleek in a brushed aluminum case with 5/8″ walnut wood construction with round corners. With a dimensions of 4″ x 2.5″ x 2.5″ this LED alarm clock ships completely with wall transformer, so you can fix it with your wall or the side of the bed wooden panel too and displays 12 hour time. And be careful about its 10 minutes snooze button, which is real harder to control when you are in bed on horizontal position.

Really hats of the designer Greg Wolos idea to force the human being for getting up early from the bed and enjoy the morning to keep every schedule in time. This unique designed digital alarm clock available with the price tag of $129.00 with a free shipping in US & Canada. And it can be the best gift to your that morning walk partner whom you used to call regularly and repeatedly in the morning.

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