Technology iTables are Surely Going to Provide a New Lease of Life to...

iTables are Surely Going to Provide a New Lease of Life to Your Living Room Furniture

After having glanced at those trendy iTables, everyone around can mistook it for yet another iPod lying around but might wonder about their bigger size?  But after gazing at it for a while no person can remain silent turning it up and down to see what the buzz is around.  These iTables are the work of Italian artist Mirko Ginepro who got the idea to display it at the Milan Design Week.  Fortunately, he was successful in creating a hum around about this cute geeky looking modern piece of furniture which is about 47 inches in length, 29 inches in width and 13 inches high.  But anyone can order it to any size they want from the designer.

Apple fan’s who came across various ipod designs in the past like iPod Bracelet Design and a Cassette Case For The iPod Nano – are surely going to house their iPods on its dock and would be wondering what more things could be accommodated in this coffee table. As of now the trendy tables are available in three colors viz. white, black and sunny yellow.

The tables are made of Corian. As these tables are custom-to-order product, no hint for its cost is available, in this situation, everyone is talking they might be an expensive affair to buy.  But who cares for the price, if you love its design and want to show your colleagues around that you are a great lover of art?  I am surely going to order for the sunny yellow one.  What about you?
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