Morbid Darth Vader Costume For Kids Looks Deadly!

darth vader star wars costume

Darth Vader and his deadly breath have gained huge popularity in spite of all negative dark connotations and has inspired a whole range of products and designs. The Dark side is inspirational but dressing one’s kid as Darth Vader is going to the extreme. Take a look at this geek kid in Darth Vader Costume complete with make-up and deadly look! It’s a breather that the deadly helmet/head gear is missing and the kid can breathe freely and also make deadly sounds with that harmonica fitted near his mouth. Over all the kid looks excellent as a smaller version of one of the greatest Star Wars characters of all time.

Darth Vader seems to be appealing to even kids maybe because of his power to destroy and his courage to give up evil ways to save his son in Return of Jedi. There is no information about the costume, its price or its availability but this kid is not the first one to dress up to kill, there are many products, costumes and other accessories inspired by Darth Vader and Star Wars  popular characters available on Ebay and other sites. It will be fun to dress up as a scary and deadly anti-hero during Halloween and other festivals or school carnivals.

Here are a couple of Star Wars inspired products which featured on this site:  Star Wars Lightsaber Desk Lamp and Star Trek Gadgets.

Via Great White Snark