Gaming Mystery PS3 Hack On Its Way

Mystery PS3 Hack On Its Way

We have read a lot about people who hack consoles and phones, in order to do things that they were not originally intended to do. While the companies which manufacture the gadgets usually dislike hackers, hacking is quite a popular profession these days.

George Hotz has hacked iPhone once and has now moved on to the PS3, as recently on his blog he revealed that he has hacked a PS3 and has read/write access to the entire system memory.

He also has an HV level access to the processor and is now working on the software. He still doesn’t reveal what he is up to with the PS3 hack, but it sure is intriguing as hell. With such access to the hardware and software of a PS3, it makes many people really curious. He intends to set up the keys akin to iPhone’s KBAG.

Perhaps there would be a cross between an iPhone and the PS3? Or could it be possible that he would turn the PS3 into a tele-communication device?  Meanwhile, you might want to read about the Portable PS3 Mod that we featured sometime ago. If you don’t like messing with your PS3, download PS3 Firmware Update 3.01, and it fixes stability issues.

Thanks Nitay for the tip!


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