Coffee Table Computer Mod is a Geeky Spill Saver

You must be little confused after reading the title ‘Coffee Table Mod is a Geeky Spill Saver’, but it makes sense as I know many of us have the habit of spilling coffee/tea while playing games on our PC. Here is a Coffee Table computer mod that can save all the gamers from tossing their drinks and obviously the pain of cleaning the spills thereafter.

Thanks to Will Urbina, the person behind this wonderful concept, to have endowed us with a fantastic solution. The Coffee Table looks very simple yet it can prove to be an elegant piece of furniture for your living room. You must be interested to know how this Coffee table can help geeks. The answer is ‘this Coffee Table Mod works as a file server, source of light entertainment for invitees and a media control for the living room TV.

This low budget concept required Pentium D 930, Asus P5PL2, 2GB OCZ 5400 Gold, my favorite 400GB Western Digital HDD, Radeon x1300 and 54mbps Belkin Wireless. The components used in making the table were second hand. Along with these, some tubing and sheet metal were pooled from the local steel yard.

This is actually the second case mod by the designer. His first creation was the Desk. After the success of his first invention, Will wanted to extend the functionality of his computers. Suddenly, one day when he was playing Halo, he spilled his drink on the couch and this idea of a Coffee table hit his mind. It can be said that great inventions occur suddenly. Do you remember the impulse behind Newton’s Law of Gravity? An apple struck his head and he started reflecting on the law of gravity.

I guess, from now on, you won’t be spilling on your most cherished computer keyboards or laptops. If you know the art of modding, you can also make a customized table mod as per your requirements and the aura of your living room. In case you invent your own mod, don’t forget to share with us.

Willudesign Via: Bornrich