New Apple iTablet Pics and Specs Leaked [Apple iTablet Rumors]

While the new Apple Tablet has been discussed for quite some time, the real Apple Tablet has been quite elusive. In fact, even after all the speculations most people do not know the name of the tablet as Apple has kept that a secret.

[Update: the new Apple iPad has been officially announced, you can check images and iPad Specs]

Now, we had already mentioned that the Apple Tablet could be either called iSlate or iTablet or something along those lines.

These rumors are now building up to climax as the real deal will soon be unveiled by the guys at Apple, in a matter of hours. However, even at this last moment, we are seeing “leaked” Apple Tablet images and specs, most of which seem to be just speculation. Nevertheless, they seem to be quite interesting. Here is what the Apple Tablet rumors reveal:

The Looks

The Apple iTablet seems to be a bigger version of the iPhone and may measure 9.5 inches in height, 6.5 inches in width and thus a larger version of our beloved iPhone. The Mac Tablet is certainly going to be chic and stylish, and would compete with iPhone in the looks department.


The images reveal that the Apple Tablet might have Wi-Fi, HDTV tuner, PVR, wireless keyboard and monitor connectivity, OLED touchscreen, 3G support and all that jazz, with a cool camera thrown in. The battery is expected to be good too, but Wi-Fi connections usually drain out all the power.


The new Apple Tablet shall behave like a great net gadget, a media device, a gaming gadget and something to watch movies and listen to music with. However, this is just the speculation. The so-called leaked images also seem to show that the tablet would support apps used on iPhone.

The Price

Depending on the size and memory, the Apple Tablet is expected to cost $599, $699 and $799.

What the Images Reveal

The leaked images of the Mac iTablet are basically grainy and bad resolution images that are being rumored to be the real deal. While one can’t really completely believe these rumors, the images reveal that the tablet would be a larger version of the iPhone, would run apps, and use Wi-Fi for connectivity. It is quite possible that the images have just been fabricated too!

It is only a matter of time before we get to know what the real Apple Tablet is all about, but until then we can munch on these sort of juicy information. You could also take a look at conceptual Apple iTablet Mount that we wrote about sometime back or the Apple iTouch Widescreen conceptual design. Not a great fan of Apple? Try checking out the Microsoft Courier Tablet PC! However, make sure you keep your eyes and ears open for the official Apple iTable announcement tomorrow.

Via: Nexus 404/Venture Beat