Digital Guitar: Purely No Strings Attached

It’s amazing how humans come up with ideas for devices to make it easier for humans to master the usage of another man made device. As confusing as that line sounds, this was my exact reaction when I first read about the Misa Digital Guitar, designed by Michael. It is actually an electronic fretboard with controls for sound modulation instead of strings.

Being a guitar freak, my immediate critique was that this is not the real thing and cannot in any way whatsoever, try to replicate the magic of the real deal made of actual wood and real strings. But then when i watched the demo video, it struck me that this instrument does not really try to replicate the actual guitar sound, but creates a sound of its own. So guitar fans need not worry about anything, instead I believe we should appreciate what Michael has given us. Electronic music is coming up these days, and in the age of electronic keyboards and drums, the only one that was so far missing was the electronic guitar. Well not any more.

Technically, the digital guitar runs on Linux kernel 2.6.31, has a touch screen for sound modulation right were an ideal guitarist would otherwise pluck or strum, and is equipped with MIDI outputs. More interestingly, the guitar software is open source, allowing for further improvements by other able programmers. Michael hasn’t started selling these bad boys yet, but whoever wants to get their name on the waiting list, can get it done.

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