Pacman Furniture Woo Your Visitors as the Puckman Bookcase

Did you have children at home and do not pay heed to their studies these days? No worries at all bring them this awesome Pacman furniture and watch them going to Puckman bookcase over and over again to fetch their particular books. They will surely love to touch their favorite character in one way or the other. The Puckman book case is made up of solid structure, but would look beautiful in a spacious space, just shown in the picture.

Created by Italian designer Mirko Ginepro, this fabulous Pacman looking bookcase is made up of shining, varnished wood and has a measurement of With a height, width and depth 180cm H x 165cm  W x 50 cm D (71″ H x 65W” x 20″D) respectively. It comes in Yellow, White, Black or custom colors. But yellow color would definitely remind the children around about their famous Pacman Game character.

As shown in the picture if you decided to put your TV around, watch it from a distance Puckman gulping the television. It will put a smile on your intended visitors. In the absence of available prices of the book case, there is a buzz around that owning the case would be an expensive affair. But again if you are an art lover and want something new, this Puckman bookcase is a good buy.

Apart from Puckman book case, various other pieces of furniture have enthused people in the past by their rare imagination and creativity like The PS3 Coffee Table and Yin Yang Center Table and also the Pacman Chair.

Via: Gigantor