The New Windows Mobile 7

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With Apple’s iPhone pioneering the mobile world and Google Android as a contributory into the standard for modern mobile phones, Windows Mobile has had to claw itself to remain from being wiped from the market. Their answer to get back in? Windows Mobile 7.

Windows Phone Logo
To be honest, I have always been a Windows mobile fanatic. Back in the days when PalmOS and Windows for Pocket PC were the only real contenders, my natural choice was the Pocket PC because of the excellent range of applications. Some allowed you to remotely control computers, others enabled you to model and render 3D objects on the go. Among some of the nicest features, they had a simple Terminal Services applications, ideal for network admins. I even remember an Intel 386 emulator that allowed you to run Windows 95. It truly was a geek’s dream device.

Despite the leading smartphone market, it seems we haven’t seen the death of this nostalgic OS yet. Finally, we are going to see Microsoft demonstrate the new Windows Mobile 7 at the Mobile World Congress February, this year. Even though the Internet has been filled with hype from Apple and Google products, there are still many features in Windows Mobile that prevent us from ignoring the impact we are going to see on the mobile market, and the smartphone era.

Windows Mobile 7 Rendering

A personal favorite I am looking forward to is better speech recognition technology, which is very “Star Trek” allowing us to utilize a speech input into the phone. If it shows promise, all we’d really need to achieve is a Holodeck and a warp drive engine. All geekiness aside, Microsoft is also in talks with various handset vendors working on a new touch screen interface and better browser rendering making the mobile web experience a lot more similar to a netbook or desktopPC, as well as being able to connect to Zune. It will be interesting to see the end results that this powerful OS will bring to smartphones.

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