Steampunk Gameboy Celebrates Post-industrial Age Glory

Steampunk is usually associated with futuristic gadgets that come in the garb of post-industrial age inspired designs. However, Steampunk is not limited to just futuristic designs but also a broad spectrum of devices, gadgets and even lifestyle objects that come in tasteful brass, copper and vintage beauty.

Here is a cool Nintendo Gameboy by Thetris which has been modded to suit the specifications of a Steampunk piece of art. While Gameboy is still one of the most famous 8-bit handheld video game devices ever released, its beauty in terms of Steampunk modification has been conceptualized by Thretis. He has made sure that the Gameboy looks Steampunk from every angle and even gave it a Pro Sound Mod.

Thanks to the orange LED instead of the red one, the metallic elements are accentuated. You could also check out the Miniature Gameboy Advance and the iSpy Gameboy Bag, which are cool too if you like this cool portable console. Steampunk is of course one of the best methods to turn a normal looking gadget into something else, and it looks like there is no stopping it!