Fleximus’s Concept Camera Could Be James Bond’s Next New Toy

Since the dawn of the digital age of photography there has been a startling growth in the ability of cameras to work in conditions that could have only come out of a James bond flick. The most prominent amongst these features is the ability to shoot around corners which is facilitated by the introduction of complex swivel screen setups; but fleximus from artlebedev has taken this concept and bent it to the limits of modern technology with their concept of  the lens being mounted on a flexible cable.

This camera not only allows you to shoot at angles which traditional cameras thought as inconceivable but also offers you the versatility of having it attached to either a three inch display or a compact view finder. The camera comes with minimal controls which may dishearten the pros, but it means that anyone can use it straight out of the box; thus making it a very handy point and shoot camera.

One could say that the concept was inspired by the endoscope ( the small camera on the end of a wire that doctor’s use to view their patient’s insides) but made use for more fun purposes such as getting a shot of the underside of a mushroom. However unlike the endoscope this camera offers a 12 megapixel resolution which is top notch for a design this radical.

And even though the price is not mentioned I doubt that those James Bond hopefuls would flinch when it came to picking up this cool cam; or they could just check out this mini spycam.