Ion iType a Complete QWERTY For Your iPhone Keyboard [CES 2010]

Don’t worry if you have lost your stylus and are thinking of how to type on your touch screen cell phones because typing with fingers might spoil your screen. Here is the answer to all your worries which will not only replace your stylus but make your iPhone as efficient as a notebook or laptop rather you can say as full computer. This is the next Gen device, Ion iType which is a comfortable and a very flexible keyboard, fulfilling your needs and seen at the CES 2010.

You must be wondering that what’s so good about this so let me tell you that this is the first of its kind. Its not only an unique battery powered peripheral transforming your handheld device like iPhones etc. from a touch screen mobile phone to a killer ultra-portable mini computer but Ion iType comes with a standard QWERTY keyboard layout and providing you the complete flexibility which a normal desktop keyboard can provide.

It also has a mini LCD screen on the keyboard which shows what you are typing. Its small size and USB connection with your device makes it really comfortable to be carried wherever you go. You won’t even have to worry if you forget to take your laptop with you.

iType have always given the world new and unique devices and even this time, they have given a pleasant surprise to the world by launching this device and the price of this killer keyboard is suppose to be slightly more then $100, making it cheap and so efficient.

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