ThermaHelm is the Life Saving Motorcycle Helmet of the Future

The market is filled with all sorts of cool helmets with each one being much more appealing than the previous one, but ‘ThermaHelm’, the life saving helmet could be cooler than any of the present market stock, and believe me! this one is much cooler than what it’s name suggests. This helmet is so cool that it can actually freeze your brain, it is designed in such a manner that during a collision it initiates a chemical reaction that will cool down your brain thus preventing it from further injury or any permanent damage.

Created by Jullian Preston Powers, a motorcycling enthusiast, this helmet is a result of an accident he had and where his friend put some ice cubes into his helmet to provide some soothing effect to his injury. Putting some good use of chemistry, he made two light weight chemical packs of which one contains Ammonium Nitrate while the other contains Water, both of these packs are fitted into the helmet in such a way that due to the impact of the accident or any shock both the reactants would combine and produce the much needed cooling effect, which comes at a real steep price of around £299 for each of such helmets.

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Via: TechChee