The D°light Ur Heart Makes A Perfect Geeky Valentine’s day Gift

Even if one had to arrange the perfect geeky valentine’s day date complete with luminescent wine glasses, the issue of about the gift would always be a troubling matter; however one thing that would probably fit the bill perfectly would be the D°lightUrHeart which consists of a thousand huggable glowing roses.

This design is the brainchild of designer Diana Lin and is a stand out among other valentine’s day gifts because of the huggable roses; it is shaped in the form of a heart and comes in two colors, red and ivory(an interesting alternative to the traditional romantic red). As for the glow factor one need not worry as the D°light UrHeart comes equipped with an internal battery charger, which means that all that’s need is to use rechargeable batteries. To add to this the soft light produced by it is perfect for night light to be placed next to one’s bed.

The D°light UrHeart is a limited offer item and sells for $159 so if I were a geek in the market looking for a valentine’s day gift I wouldn’t hesitate to pick this one up.