Eyewriter Tech Concept Is The Silver Lining From Every Dark Cloud

People always blame almighty for their physical disability or any accidents which although saves their life may take away a very important part of their body like hands or legs or spine etc. As scientist were very successful in making an artificial limb for the body which might replace the human parts to some extent, here is another latest device which will surely bring smiles to the faces of people who neither can write nor speak or even move an inch. Here is the “Eyewriter” which allows the specific disabled person to write or draw by moving their eyes.

Only requiring $50 and a computer along with free software and you will have your eye-writer for your self or your close ones who had met with the disaster.  This is the best device which creates to enable graffiti writers and artists who are paralyzed, to draw with the help of their eye balls by a technique called visual manipulation. It manipulates objects, alphabets, numbers etc. on the screen.

This device actually works for those people who have been paralyzed because of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis which is actually a motor neuron disease which disables the whole body and making the patient physically worthless. This is the best device comes in and gives a ray of hope for those people who can’t express them selves in any way.

The best living example for ALS are the world famous scientist Stephen Hawkings, British historian Tony Judt and the guitarist and composer Jason Becker. The Eyewriter is really an excellent device which is under development and the day it hits the market, it is sure to save many lives.

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Via : Everyjoe.com