Modern Gears Table Clocks are Bearing The Actual Skeleton Of Time

Have you ever wondered how really those hands like hour hand, second hand and minute hand move so perfectly in proper time? Just wonder what our life would have had been without a watch and I pay my humble regard to I-Hsing to invent it in the year 723 AD. These two table clocks which have been designed in such a way to remind us the first invention era as well as allowing us to see how the clock mechanism really works. Actually they don’t only show the actual clock mechanism but even are aesthetically beautiful which can suit every type of room and enhance its beauty rather then making it looks weird.

Here is the first “Modern Gear Table Alarm Clock” which along with its unique looks has been constructed using high quality plastic and metals. As you see that there are many wheels arranged along this tall 5” W x 11” H where each wheel plays an important part in the functioning of the clock. With a base like that of Eiffel tower, this look uber cool and is really an excellent addition to one’s room. To make this light weighted 1.4 pound table clock work, you will just have to use a 2 C-batteries.

The Second “Modern Gear Table Alarm Clock” is no less then the first one. With a different look but same concept of gear system analog clock, it maintains the authenticity of its origin and time reading is much easier as there are 12 bolts fixed in places of the hour numbers with each zigzag part in between two bolts, on the body of the clock denotes 2.5 minutes. Even this one requires 2 C-batteries and this one with a dimension of 7” W x 6”H is quite wider and shorter then the first one.

The great gifts for people who are inclined towards mechanics or manual technology work and for people who appreciate beauty in every form. To buy this anyone you have to pay

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