Nova Brings Cellphone Photography To The DSLR World

Photography is being proclaimed as the hobby of the masses and with almost all cellphones being retrofitted with a camera anyone can have a go at it, but the glitch is that cellphone cameras are a far cry from the real DSLRs when it comes to performance. However Erin Fong from the California College of Arts has conjured a concept that merges the style of cellphone photography with the performance of a DSLR in the Nova DSLR.

The Nova departs from the traditional shape of a rhomboidal body and cylindrical lens with a look that seems to closely resemble a  boomerang; this twin arm design offers more surface area for controls thus keeping all of them within reach of the user. Another feature of this design is that the arms can be rotated thus making the camera easy to use for both right-handed and left-handed users ( which is a welcome change to the old right-handed design). The new design also allows for a multitude of new shooting positions and even allows one to merge the handles for one hand use ( A result of cellphone style photography).

Even though this seems to be a promising concept it does have some flaws, mounting a tripod for one would be a challenge; also holding the camera steady for long exposures could prove to be difficult thanks to the new design.

All in all this camera though cool to look at seems better suited for a ‘point and shoot’ market; but for those intergalactic shots the Celestron Telescope would be a nice choice.