The Wheel Rider Concept is a Futuristic Personal Commuting Machine

The Wheel Rider Concept for Yamaha gives us a glimpse of what futuristic personal commuting vehicles would look like, and Yuji Fujimura, the brain behind this design, brings out a radical change in the concept of two-wheeler vehicles. A huge awe-inspiring wheel laid with the latest in auto technology will seat the driver inside and vroom on the streets of future.

The auto design fraternity has always been busy tossing out eco-friendly designs that have equally jaw-dropping attire. Also, the various machinery that drive countries and world together have made it mandatory for magnates to adhere to green practices. Since the Wheel Rider Concept doesn’t speak of any such green promises, Yamaha will probably have to gauge this design on other parameters.

Anyway, there isn’t a word how soon this Wheel Rider will grace the city streets. If you want to have a look on what futuristic personal commuting vehicles could be like, check out the 11 Cool Segaway Scooter Designs, the Jet Scooter Design and the Electric Bike Design.