Go For Green HTPC To Save The Earth

You can see now a day to keep aware the human being to save earth from the Global Warming some country legislatures are doing SUMMIT at the top of the hill or some governments are keeping prize for planting trees. Every where in media are flushing to make the green world to save the world and manhood. In this present scenario to match this demand The Design Hara has come up with this Green Computer Home Theater PC Case with all required accessories and even more with full custom Handmade of 9 mm thick wood which dissolves the effect of temperature or humidity.

These woods are generally processed in a special way to reduce a warp deformation. To keep in mind about Ecological order complete body of the HTPC fixed with nuts and bolts and can be separated to changed recyclable wastes when it’s required. The side wood panels are made by cypress wood of Italy or famous Canadian rose wood.

This HTPC with dimensions of 8.54 x 8.98 x 10.9 inch in W/L/H is no way looks odd with hi-end furniture or stylish computer or with a flat screen TV and HI-Fi audio systems in a lavish living room. This HTPC can be connected with TV like any visual devices or projectors through terminals such as HDMI, DVI, Coaxial and Optical digital audio provided on the board.

Compatible with MINI-ITX mother board which consumes 30% less energy compared to the general desktop PC and also reduce the carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, you can select the internal accessories based on the high performance CPU, motherboard, RAM and Blu-ray ODD and if you want can install the hi-fi audio card or HDTV card too.

The basic specification available in this HTPC with CPU of Intel Core2Duo Micro ATX(350 Watt) power, mother board of Zotac ITX 9300, RAM with 2 GB and HDD of 500 GB and also DVD Multi as ODD. There are lots of optional provisions also available to upgrade as per your requirement.

It’s highly appreciable of Design Hara to create such a green Home Theater PC Case Mod, as we need badly at this moment.

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Via : Mocoloco.com