AirMouse: Wearable Mouse To Comfort Your Hands

Computers are not only limited to IT world any more and have become a daily habit for almost everyone living in this innovative century. Recent studies have even shown that too much of mouse usage is leading to more of stress problems and hand injuries. But this scientifically designed AirMouse is something very interesting that is surely to comfort your stressed hands and arms.

AirMouse, a wearable mouse just like that of gloves is a product designed and manufactured by Denmark Ltd. – a Canadian organization. This unique glove like mouse fits in your hands and arms easily and makes it to align with your hand and wrist ligaments comfortably. This clinically tested wireless mouse uses the optical laser technology and works fully active for a week with one-time charge.

The scientifically designed AirMouse not only makes your hand movements easier, but also enhances your speed and level of accuracy. If your hand is at neutral position, the mouse also retains its inactive state. This one-dimensional mouse is not only a breakthrough in today’s ergonomically designed mice, but is an amazing introduction to relief your stress levels. The AirMouse is all set to be available for purchase in coming 6-12 months with a price tag of  $129 USD. To know more such magic mouse, check out with Jelfin Ball Shaped Gel Mouse and Megalan Speed Mouse.

Via: [Gizmag]