The DIY Green Cycle And Scooter Roll For Mother Nature

Environmentalists have been pleading with the world to change their ways with regards to a lesser polluting means of transportation and it seems that their plea hasn’t fallen on deaf ears; at least in the case of Nicholas belly whose design of a pop out DIY bicycle and scooter that is sure to be one of the most Eco-friendly designs out there.

The design is an embodiment of the term ‘sense is simplicity’ and has a very contemporary look but the main concept this design is to make transportation environment friendly; It mostly makes use of the abundant recyclable timber available in nature and also some rubber and ¬†metal for specific uses. Assembly of the product doesn’t seem to be difficult and it comes accompanied with an instruction manual to ease the process.

Another interesting feature is that both the cycle and the scooter appear fit back into the sleek case they came in when not in use. Even though this design is not meant for mountain biking or the Tour De France it does offer a very eco-friendly way to get around town especially during rush hour and the health benefits of doing some cycling everyday need not be mentioned.

So if you are into saving the environment with style or just need a cheaper, non polluting mode of transport then these would be the pic of the lot. Other radical bike designs worth checking out would be this three in one bike, the Electric Cherry Bicycle or the Apple Bicycle Concept.