Ghostly Pacman Wall Lamps Would Complete the Game Room Scene

After presenting the Pacman bookshelf a few days back, Italian designer Mirko Ginepro, was convinced that Pacman looked lonely and thus designed the ghosts in the form of lamps resembling Pinky, Blinky, Clyde and Inky on the lines of its famous Pacman Game.  These ghosty wall lamps are prepared from a steel support, if put along with Pacman bookshelf would make a complete picture.

In my opinion ghosts could be adjusted pretty well on the spacious wall, if you have one in your home.  Instead of TV you could adjust ghostly lamps and can create a game like scenario, Pacman trying to gulp or eat those little ghosts.

It is but sure, kids in your home could go berserk after seeing the combo of Pacman book case trying to gulp those little ghosts. Convinced by the exceptional scene, they could invite their friends and colleagues to glance this classic scene happening in their living room which now looks similar to a complete Gamer room. So get enough refreshment ready for your guests.  Why not organize a party instead? Your guests would surely be convinced by the scene you created in your living room. It could also happen that you have to prepare dinner for them as well.

In my previous posts on Pacman Furniture in the form of Puckman Bookcase and Pacman delicious cookies I had focused as to how people still love Pacman, the famous 80s character of video games. Now it is time to play with it in your living room.

Via: Nerdapproved