A Sneak Preview Of The Launch Package Of The Much Hyped Apple iPad

Apple is all set to rock the world of electronics with the launch of their new iPad, an innovative device that has been created with the sole purpose of creating a whole new environment to enjoy our media in a way that has never been possible before. It has added to it’s already hyped interface with the fact that it will be going on sale for just $499 due to be released this March. Here is a sneak preview of the proposed concept of the package that will be wrapping this gizmo. Note: This is a parody package of the Apple iPad.

Tubes, a designer by profession has tried to mock Apple’s design concepts for the iPad packaging and the following picture was taken from his very first drafts. According to Apple this new device is here to revolutionize the way our media interacts with us, it opens a whole new world and means of viewing and sharing the information via the Internet, which is quite not what the package says,(which appears to be more of a woman’s hygiene product package!).

As cool this device seems, it has also attracted the attention of many of the critics who claim that the new iPad is nothing more than a swollen iTouch, and is just made for plain indulgence with no further utility whatsoever. This device comes as a real shocker after the pics of the iTablet got leaked and created a huge pool of all kinds of rumors.