14 Awesome Valentine Gift Ideas for Him or Her: Geeky Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming up in less than two weeks and with it a lot of stress of trying to find the perfect gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend that shows them how much you really care. In order to ease your search, headache and provide you cool gift ideas you may have not even known existed, we gathered a fun and geeky list of 14 Awesome Valentine Gift Ideas for Him or Her. We hope this collection of Valentine gifts will assist in finding that great present for your boyfriend or girlfriend. This entire collection also ranges in prices, so there is about to be some Valentine presents that fits your personal budget as well.

We hope your Valentine’s Day is extra special this year, and that you have the most wonderful time with your better half.

Nooka Zen Vertical Watch

nooka zen vertical watch gift

The Nooka Zen Vertical watch provides a brand new way to read the time with the hours present at the left column (1-6), 2nd to left (7-12) and minutes on the right column…with each shown vertically. It is highly fashionable and is available for Women and Men.

The Nooka Zen Vertical Watch costs $265.

Tenmetsu Watch

tenmetsu tokyoflash valentine watch design

One of the major LED Watches from the amazing Tokyoflash, the Tenmetsu watch is a combination of trendy fashion and multi-colored LED lights. It has its own set of rules when having to tell the time, but it is definitely an original Valentine’s gift that not many will be seen with. As can be seen in the image and extremely enthusiastic video below, it definitely has its own personality when lighting up with the current time, but it is also a unique watch that is not seen often.

The Tenmetsu watch goes for $228 and arrives in your choice of Silver or Black.

16 Million Color Lamp

multi colored designer lamp

Not only is this an extremely different looking designer lamp, but it is able to generate 16,777,216 different colors of accent light using its four different colored LED’s. It could make a perfect gift idea for those that are trying to get something never seen before which could also help with adding something new in your home. It rests at an angle to display light at the wall and is power by AC power or batteries.

This designer lamp is available for $199.99.

World’s Longest Zoom Binoculars

zoom binoculars gift

If you like to go out sight seeing, bird watching or simply enjoy spying on far away neighbors, then these binoculars may be highly efficient. These binoculars have 144X magnification, which is the longest zoom of any binocular available and grant a lot of freedom when you are trying to view something at a long distance away. Whaveter your reason to use these is, we simply hope it is a legal one.

At $199.99, these Binoculars make for a fair Valentine gift that could keep on giving.

Portable Digital Photograph Printer

portable digital image printer gift

With all the portable technology out there, it is no wonder that a portable photo printer has become so affordable. This specific mobile printer provides images of 4″ x 6″ within a minute and does not require a computer. It can utilize a number of different memory cards, may be connected via USB and with its 1.5 inch display, makes it easy to select the images to print and make real.

For only $149.99 it could be a great Valentine gift for the photographer in your relationship.

Designer Shot Glasses

cool shot glasses design gift

Whether you are a heavy drinker or not, this is a great set of 13 shot glasses, each one in a different and lovely hue which could really add to your home design. It could make a great gift for your home, so both can enjoy it as a Valentine’s Day gift and use over and over.

The set costs $129.

Waku Watch

waku tokyoflash valentine watch design

Another great watch from Tokyoflash, this specific watch design is not as ‘aggressive’ and is more subtle in its features. It still provides the time by different colored LED’s on its face and will deserve some minor time calculations from holder.

The Waku Watch costs only $99 and comes in different colors, so it is a fit for both Men and Women.

The Voodoo Knife Set

red knife set voodoo

The Ex Voodoo Knife Set is a rather bizarre set that would probably make most chefs smile, no matter if they are Men or Women. As it is bright red, it could be taken as a perfect Valentine’s Day gift that is somewhat sadistic but also practical.

Better yet, for only $69.99, it is actually a good price if you are out shopping for any Knife Set.

DJ Style Headphones

dj style ifrogs headphones gifts

A great designer DJ Style Headphones from iFrogs that provide both extreme sound and style. The DJ Style headphones come in a choice of 5 different flavors that are definitely going to accustom your boyfriend or girlfriend’s taste in gadgets and music.

For only $49.99 they are a gift that provide a better music listening experience combined with fashion.

Beating Heart Stress Relief Pillow

vibrating heart stress relief pillow

Wonderful and fluffy gadgets, the stress relief pillows include a vibrating heart that works in conjunction with your own heart beats in order to calm you down. After a long day at work when you cannot be there for your loved one, this pillow can be hugged and along with the calming vibrations, could calm your lover until you arrive at home.

These great pillows range from $34.99-49.99 and arrive in different sizes and colors.

Aluminum Hard-Side Wallet

aluminum case wallet

Another great way to be a little more hip, as this Aluminum Hard case wallet is now available for everyone. It is an organized wallet with 7 different compartments for money, receipts, or cards and is a new and harder way to carry your daily belongings with.

It is available for only $44.99 and could make a Men’s gift that is of daily use.

Scrolling LED Message Sign (with Remote)

scrolling led message sign

A great way to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend that you love them in a different way each and every day. The scrolling LED sign is easy to place on any desk (or take in your car) and with the handy remote, could be used for different messages to show your affection (or at least say it with written words).

It is a great Valentine’s Day gift idea that is fairly cheap…only $39.99.

World’s Largest Gummy Bear

giant gummy bear

This is probably the sweetest Valentine’s Day gift ever, for it is the largest Gummy Bear in the World and is the equivalent of 1400 regular gummy bears. Of course, this also means the calorie count is much higher, but then again…it is much easier to share with your Valentine lover.

The Giant Gummy Bear goes for $29.99 and could be a meal in itself since it is available in Red Cherry, Yellow Lemon, Green Apple or Blue Raspberry.

8 Bit Dynamic Life Shirt

valentine's day heart t shirts

These shirts are a great way for Valentine couples to wear and profess their love. Just like in video games, the heart show your lifeline and can start going down. But as long as you are within hugging distance of your Valentine boyfriend or girlfriend who are wearing the other shirt, the hearts light up bright and full…showing how love is so powerful.

Each shirt is just $17.99 – $24.99 depending on size and could make a perfect gift to share and show your closeness.

We hope you enjoyed the collection of Valentine’s Day gift ideas which are cool gifts for him or her. If you have additional ideas that are worth sharing, please do so for everyone in the comment below.

We hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!